Wine & Cheese Private Tour

2 Hours
Availability : From September 2021

VIP  Tour

A choice of Private Gourmet Tours

With Your Private Licensed Guide  


A 3-Hour Wine & Cheese Workshop in the Marais district including a Private Tour in the oldest area of Paris.

From the Medieval Templars to the Royal residences, enjoy a Gourmet experience and a 45-mn tour in the historic district of the Marais. Admire the sumptuous aristocratic façades of the 16th and 17th Centuries and stroll in the oldest district of Paris with your private tour guide. 

Learn from an English-speaking fromager about cheese in an authentic and professionnal environment close to the Marais. Enjoy tasting and pairing exceptionnal cheeses with wonderful wines, in a unique 17th century cheese cellar. 

      1. Wine & Cheese Tasting Workshop: (95€/pp)

    • 7 ages cheeses ; 3 wines ; visit of the 17th Century cellar


2. Wine and cheese Tasting + Lunch included:  (+30€ pp)

    •  9 ages cheeses ; 4 wines ;  visit of the 17th Century cellar
    • Lunch salad and a home made desert to fulfill a traditionnal French meal!

Other Gourmet Tours available:

  • The Chocolate Paradise (from a selection of the 10 best Paris chocolate houses)
  • The Marie Antoinette Macaron – a special crunchy cookie composed of cream, citrus and honey 
  • The “Marvelous” and the “Incredible”: pastries that refer to the new fashion currents appearing during the First Republic.  The name recalls an aristocratic subculture where the men were called the Incredibles and the women were called the Marvellous. At the end of the 18th Century, this group of aristocrats swirled with frenzy, throwing themselves on all the pleasures, in a response to the end of the Reign of Terror.  They focused on enjoying the pleasures of life with lots of balls and.. loads of desserts! 


    An All-inclusive Tour with a Bilingual Certified Tour Guide